GoFundMe for Steve Nicholls, Class of ’84

From Steve’s brother, Bob, below. Please visit Steve’s GoFundMe page to make a donation!

Hello everyone,

My brother Steve Nicholls, who as you all know is an incredible person who thrives on the thrill of high endurance activities, took a bad fall in his house and broke his neck.  As a result of this accident, he has lost mobility below his shoulders.  Steve is currently in rehab at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado.  He is doing well, but the road ahead is going to be tough.  Steve is going to have to find a new home which is handicap accessible and also buy a lot of equipment for his condition.  Steve has a daughter, a wife, and many exceptional friends and family members who are helping him get through this, but the financial burden may become too great.  Steve has summited Denali and climbed all the 14ers and most 13ers in Colorado.  He has done the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim several times and run the Leadville 100 three times.  Steve lives for the challenge and he will have no greater challenge than what he is going through right now. He can use all the help he can get to persevere through these incredibly hard times.

Let’s get Steve on top of that mountain again! 

Thank You, Bob Nicholls

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